Promotions To Help With Your Bad Eyesight

eye-docIn case you were wondering if there were any promotions or coupons that you could take advantage of to cut down on some of the costs of a pricey doctor visit, we are happy to inform you that we do offer a limited range of promotions for our loyal and valuable patients.

Great Deals On Great Eyewear

This is our way of thanking our patients for coming to us, and also to help incentivize you to do what you know you should do to get better, even though you may not want to. We find that giving out these promotions and making sure our patients know about them creates a better trust between doctor and patient. If you want to know what promotions we are running at any given time, all you need to do is look here, online, or call in to the clinic and ask what sort of promotions are being offered for our patients.


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